Having knowledge and using it in the right way are two different things. So we chose the latter and decided to use our extensive knowledge about rugs to provide you with the best services for your treasured possessions. Be it a a small rug or a large hand-woven rug, a damaged rug, or a delicate silk rug, you can trust that we will take good care of it. We provide the following luxury rug services:

Rug Cleaning Service

Timely rug cleaning is the best way to ensure the safety and value of your rug. Each rug is different. Therefore, we use a different cleaning method for each kind of rug to ensure that it gets cleaned properly. Each rug is inspected as it arrives in the hands of our experts. Naturally, the rug type, the type of weaving, the dyes, the age of the rug and your instructions regarding the cleaning will all be taken into consideration. This is what makes us one of the best professional rug cleaning companies in Southern California.

Rug Repair and Restoration

If you have kids or animals at home, your rug is surely going to need repair and restoration at regular intervals. We have accumulated years of expertise in order to provide you with the best rug repair service. Your precious rug will look like new!

Rug Appraisal Services

If you are in need of an antique rug appraisal or want to know the value of your fire-damaged rug or moth damaged rug, we are happy to help you out. We provide antique, Persian, oriental, silk rug valuation reports.

Don’t hesitate to call or message us if you have any questions about our luxury rug services!

luxury rug services in Southern California
Luxury rug services in Southern California