Oriental and Persian Rug Repair Service


Every rug is beautiful and unique, and our rug repair and restoration processes will keep them that way. Even the finest rugs see wear and tear from furniture, foot traffic, and pets, but our team can clean and restore them simply and without worry. At Elite Rug Services, we believe in treating every client’s rugs as if they are our own.

The Most Common Repairs for Area Rugs

Our company’s services include but are not limited to blocking, fringe repair, insect proofing, overcasting, and reweaving. Elite’s tried and true systems will provide the most accurate restoration results. We can handle any kind of Persian or Oriental rug, including hand-knotted area rugs, silk rugs, and antique wool rugs. We use only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and our skilled restorers are here to ensure that your priceless area rugs are returned to their original condition. When Elite Rug Services handles your area rug restoration, you will have greater peace of mind.

Fringe Repair

With the passage of time, worn fringe may fray or fall off a rug, marring its edges. Through our fringe restoration system, we meticulously inspect and repair fringes. If the situation requires it, we can also add fringe to a rug to restore its unique appearance and feel. We want every rug to be in top condition, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your rug’s fringe is full and properly maintained.


It takes a trained eye to overcast an antique rug, and our experienced team members are up to the task. If your Persian or Oriental rug is fraying at the ends and needs repairs, we can repair it with our detailed methods. We use the whip and buttonhole stitch techniques to restore rugs, and your valuable fabrics will receive only the best care.

Rug Reweaving

If your rug also needs reweaving, your search is over. With our reweaving chart, we’ll customize our services to fit your carpet’s needs. Upon completion, we will thoroughly inspect the fabric to ensure that not a single thread is missed.

Insect Damage Repair and Prevention

Has your area rug had some unwelcome guests? Our insect damage repair and prevention services will leave it looking and feeling like new. We will repair any damaged material and prevent future infestations. Leave the work to us, and we’ll repair your precious rugs with pinpoint accuracy and meticulous handling. Contact us today to revitalize and renew your moth-eaten or insect-damaged rugs.

Water Damage

Southern California’s offices and apartments often see numerous visitors each day, increasing the chances of an accident. Through spillage, flooding, and other mishaps, your Persian or Oriental rug may become water damaged. It’s easy for carpet mold to gain a foothold, and an overgrowth can ruin valuable fabric. Don’t delay—the damage will only get worse with time. Instead of attempting a DIY repair, allow our trained technicians to repair your priceless rug with our moisture extraction procedures. Your area rug will be water- and mold-free before you even know it.

Color Revitalization

California life is vibrant, and your carpet should be just as colorful. Rug fabrics often suffer from color damage, but our restoration techniques can help. Our methods are detailed and customized so your carpet will be its brightest and best. And, with our careful procedures, there is no need to worry about bleeding colors. When you call Elite Rug Services, your materials will receive the gentlest and most effective treatment possible.

Stretching and Blocking

Some rug fabrics may become warped or curled from pressure and handling. Rug wrinkling is quite common but can easily be addressed with our rug blocking and stretching techniques. Bring your Oriental or Persian rug to our team and we will ensure that it lies flat and crease-free.

Our Approach to Rug Care

With time, rugs ranging from machine-made synthetics to handmade Persians and Orientals may need restoration or repair. Rug revitalization is a craft that requires significant skill and knowledge. At Elite Rug Services, we recognize the following approaches.

Rug restoration. The process involves returning a rug to its original condition (or as close as possible). By the strictest definition, the process requires the use of the same fibers and dyes originally used. However, some details are impossible to reproduce, and most restorations are, at best, a compromise. This level of attention to detail is recommended when a rug’s rarity and value justify the cost.
Conservation. Rug conservation involves preventing further deterioration with minimal changes to the fabric’s current condition.
Repair. Oriental and Persian rug repair is a delicate compromise between restoration and conservation, and it’s appropriate for most of the rugs we see. Repairs allow rugs to become functional once more, and the process may include size reduction, patching, fringe restoration, and other options.

Our team members are trained and experienced in all stages of rug restoration, including blocking, fringe repair, and more. Before the hard work begins, we advise clients on the cost and extent of recommended repairs to ensure that the job fits their budget and the rug’s value.

Make the Investment in Professional Rug Restoration and Repair

Delicate rugs, especially antique Oriental and Persian rugs, require careful maintenance and cleaning to preserve their beauty and extend their life. After inspecting all wools, silks, and other fabrics, we will thoroughly but carefully clean them by hand to enhance and preserve their fiber integrity, dyes, woven designs, and beauty.

An antique rug is much more than a floor decoration that ties together a room’s appearance; it’s an heirloom that can hold decades of history and memories. These rugs are built to withstand years of wear and tear, but time and rough handling can lead to extensive damage and the need for restoration. When it’s time to revitalize your favorite rug, give us a call.

Signs of the Need for Rug Restoration

Most of the rugs our clients have in their homes aren’t available on the open retail market. Rather, many Californians opt to buy authentic Persian and Oriental rugs from well-known suppliers, or their rugs have been handed down through the generations. The stories and sentimental value attached to these rugs make them nearly impossible to replace, but with our help, that may not be necessary. At Elite, our rug repair and restoration services include a deep cleaning process that uses only the most advanced equipment. Whether your rug has suffered damage due to age, fire, mold, or ordinary wear and tear, we have the tools and knowledge to restore it to its past beauty.

Our restoration services are appropriate for all kinds of rugs, including sheepskin hides, modern, wool, Persian, and Oriental rugs. Here, we’ll show you how to recognize issues and know when it’s time to consult a rug restoration expert.

Excessive staining. Stains may occur from household traffic, spills, and other reasons. If you have not sufficiently protected your rug when performing home repairs or cleaned them at the first sign of a spill, stains can quickly settle and become embedded—and no DIY cleaning method will eliminate them. Rather than giving up and throwing that beautiful rug away, we can remove these stains and restore your fabrics to a stain-free, clean state. With our multi-step cleaning process, we can remove stains and refresh your carpets.
Musty odors. Upon returning home, do you detect a musty odor, but aren’t sure where it’s coming from? Your rug may be to blame. A musty odor coming from a rug is a sure sign of the need for a good cleaning. These odors occur when rugs retain water, which is then absorbed into tiny crevices. When the water isn’t removed, mold will grow. Mold isn’t just smelly and nasty, but it can also be dangerous for children and pets to breathe. Once your rugs start to smell musty, it’s time to take action. Our deep cleaning processes will ensure the thorough removal of mold while making your rugs smell fresh and clean.
Rippling and wrinkling. Another definitive sign that your Persian or Oriental rug needs to be restored or repaired is when it starts to ripple and wrinkle. These problems occur for various reasons, but all have one thing in common: they should be addressed immediately. Instead of waiting and causing further damage to your precious rugs, call us today to learn about our restoration services. By getting in touch with us as soon as possible, you’ll allow us to use our specialized equipment to remove these imperfections and leave your rugs smooth and wrinkle-free.
An uneven appearance. Have you begun to notice unevenness in your rugs? Are certain areas suffering from significant wear and tear while others remain untouched? Is the color fading on one side? Some of these issues are due to inconsistent foot traffic and infrequent maintenance. If your rugs are wearing unevenly, it’s a sign that they need to be revitalized. With a deep cleaning and a full restoration at our local facility, we can rekindle your rug’s color palette and even it out so there’s no noticeable difference in its texture.

Here at Elite Rug Services, our team members are trained to identify all the signs of the need for rug restoration. By utilizing our advanced equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products, and trained technicians, your rugs will be placed into the most competent hands. With our extensive training in cleaning and rug restoration, we have the knowledge and experience needed to care for your rugs, whether they’re old or new.

Contact Us For California’s Best Rug Restoration Services

In many cases, our clients’ rugs must be deep cleaned due to the actions of children and pets. Daily use, wear, and tear can cause unevenness in a rug’s appearance, as well as ground-in grime and dirt. As the area’s rug restoration specialists, we can eliminate stubborn odors and dirt, while ensuring that your rugs are restored to their former condition.

Sometimes, the rugs we see need complex repairs due to mold growth, age, flood or fire damage, or severe wear. Our team members have the knowledge to care for your valuable rugs in ways that counteract these issues, thereby leaving them restored and revitalized. Don’t give up on that antique rug—contact us today to learn how we can help you preserve it for future generations.

Elite Rug Services is one of Southern California’s premier providers of area rug restoration and repairs. Not only will we brighten and clean your old, worn rugs, but we will also ensure that they’re odor-, insect-, and stain-resistant when the job is done. Whether you’re repairing one rug or an entire gallery full, we can help. Email us to request additional information or call us today. When you count on our advanced techniques and our impeccable customer service, your priceless rugs will undoubtedly thank you!

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